AMS Suite

AMSThe Administrative Management System (AMS) is our suite of computerized components that house and process all the data necessary to meet the management and reporting requirements of Administration and Human Resources department for companies.

Major system components include:

Time and Attendance System

Time management function which records employee attendance. System allows company to track and report the costs associated with employee absences

HR Information System

Personnel administration function that involves the maintenance of employee profiles; Payroll function calculates employee’s gross and net pay. Also records statutory deductions and benefits contribution & produces tax statements and other reporting

Budgeting System

Assist administrator to gather budget information & manages the procurement process of goods and services and tracks supplier information

Facial Recognition System

Embedded facial recognition system with leading Facial Recognition Algorithm, which applied for time attendance and access control application. Its classic slope design is good for commercial market like Enterprise, Bank, building automation and so on

Key Management System

Consists of a suite of multi-function security applications that facilitates better management of access rights and accountability for building and property owners. The Web-based key management system is easy to set up and use, enabling users to effortlessly monitor the usage of keys over the internet