MADROC® Integrated Security Platform is in use in over 3,500 client sites around the world providing intrusion detection and prevention, monitored and managed web firewalls and gateways, mobile device management, security information and event management, managed vulnerability, network mapping and performance monitoring and complete audit-ready regulatory compliance.

SOC (Security Operations Center)

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) subscription service logs, monitors and analyzes your organization’s security events 24x7x365. The SOC is staffed by security experts and uses industry leading SIEM protocols deployed over a cloud-based infrastructure to continually monitor and defend your entire security landscape.

Incident Response and Remediation

Our Incident Response and Remediation Management (IRRM) service guarantees that any cyber-attack will be responded to within a 15 minute window and the complex process involved in containment and remediation will begin immediately. Our IRRM service is based on a set of specific protocols developed together with our customers in planning the critical events immediately following a breach so that our processes are completely integrated with our customers’ internal IT and remediation teams for maximum effectiveness.

Integrated Service Level Management

Our integrated service level management platform provides our clients with a broad over-view of our IRRM service delivery performance in real-time, allowing the detailed tracking of security alerts and their resolution and on-going visibility into and reporting of our performance to our service level agreements.

The service level management dashboard allows our customers to see exactly what is transpiring with every security event we’re monitoring from initial alert all the way through to remediation and final resolution. Our ISLM platform is ITIL-certified and is included in every one of our Managed Security Services engagements.

Next Generation Security Technology

We use only the best-in-class security solutions with a concentration on behavioral analytics and data assets as a supplement to perimeter defenses. While our incident detection and prevention software is the best on the planet, we focus additionally on preemptive breach detection by using technology that works inside the perimeter defenses monitoring pre-breach, post-infection network and endpoint behaviors. Our emphasis is on establishing a last line of defense against staging, reconnaissance, propagation, data acquisition, and exfiltration.

This new approach of analyzing contextual behavior and information flows provides a larger protective surface where potential data loss or incursions from advanced persistent threats can be identified and stopped before damage is done.

Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Government penalties for regulatory non-compliance, along with increasingly dangerous liability lawsuits have made compliance a serious management requirement. MADROC® provides over 100 standardized and audit-ready compliance reporting and automatic log retention capabilities for a wide range of regulations, industry mandates and control frameworks including: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, GLBA, FISMA, NERC CIP as well as all new and developed requirements as they are implemented.